28 October 2020

IP Australia has reached a significant milestone in receiving our 10,000th filing for our plant breeder's rights (PBR).

Over thirty-three years in the making, the 10,000th filing is a Ceanothus (Lilac) variety named ‘PacificWave’ by an Australian breeder.

Our first PBR application was for a Macadamia variety submitted on 26 April 1988, by Hidden Valley Plantations of Queensland. Since that date, PBR has contributed significantly to Australia’s $60 billion agriculture sector. 90 per cent of grains grown in Australia are a PBR variety and almost all major oilseed and pulse varieties are PBR protected.

PBR’s protect innovation and investment in developing new distinct breeds and varieties by providing applicants with a commercial monopoly for a set period. This protection has enabled more Australian innovators to continue their, often long, journey from development to commercialisation.

We are excited to see PBR continue to support our innovative agricultural future, and we congratulate the team behind ‘PacificWave’, and all who came before them, for getting us to this long-awaited milestone!