IP Australia building
1 September 2016

Last week we released the new IP Australia Corporate Plan 2016 – 2020. The Plan articulates how we will achieve our vision of creating a world leading IP system building prosperity for Australia.

The Plan outlines our core purpose and objectives over the next four years, including how we: manage IP administration and professional registration; increase awareness of the IP system; shape the IP system domestically and internationally to serve Australian innovation and business; and build the capability of our people and our organisation.

For our customers, the Corporate Plan outlines a range of activities to meet growing expectations. Our customers will benefit from greater flexibility, more reliable digital channels and ongoing feedback to identify customer needs and preferences.

Delivery of our objectives will mean a number of reforms and service improvements, some of which include: an improved Trade Mark and Design search capability; IP Counsellor in China to support Australian export businesses; redesign of eServices; and developing and updating a number of key agency strategies.

You can read the full list of reforms and improvements in the Corporate Plan 2016 - 2020.