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29 April 2021

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of our Intellectual Property Government Open Data – IPGOD2021 – is now available on IPGOD is a publicly available data set that includes over 110 years of information on IP rights applications administered by us.

IPGOD2021 is an annual update which provides data quality improvements and has leveraged our IP Data Platform to provide improvements to entity resolution processes. The data structure continues the harmonized schema adopted by IPGOD2020, presenting all 4 rights in the same way to ensure simplicity of data access. Data extraction methods have continued to be improved to maximize the accuracy, reliability and data coverage of the IPGOD product.

IPGOD2021 contains the same data elements as IPGOD2020. Information can be obtained about both the current state of IP rights and the history of activities associated with IP rights, including insights into our business processes and the holdings and behaviour of applicants over time. To assist with this, organisation name variations have been batched and consolidated, so where applicants have provided variants of their name, these variations have been grouped together as a single applicant.

Further data enrichments are planned which will focus on improving the research potential of the dataset by providing tables (views) to answer common research questions.

We are committed to making the IPGOD product as usable, comprehensive and accurate as possible. We want to hear from you to ensure the product continues to meet your needs. If you have feedback or comments please email us at