IP - your business edge

12 January 2015

Intellectual property (IP) often comprises a business’s most important assets. It covers a range of different rights including trade marks, patents, copyright, registered designs and plant breeder’s rights. Each type of IP protects a business in a different way depending on the products, services, designs, inventions or knowledge it contains.

It’s essential to understand how each type of intellectual property works so you can make sure you protect your business. IP – your business edge takes a look at topics important to businesses across different stages of growth. We explore the basics of what intellectual property actually is and how it is relevant to a business, the value of a strategic approach to IP, considerations for exporting a product, enforcing you IP, how IP can help attract investors and more.

Hear from IP rights holders, and even those who have chosen not to obtain registered IP rights, and discover what they have learned during their journey from having an idea to making it a commercial reality. Delve into the world of washing your clothes when hiking, breeding barramundi, using a global hotel chain for men’s health products and discover when a bottle isn’t a martial arts studio but is a web based information source for journalists.

IP – your business edge is available to read online or download, or emailcommunication@ipaustralia.gov.au and request a print copy.