1 July 2022

The NAIDOC Week theme for 2022 – Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! – encourages all of us to champion and drive institutional, structural, and collaborative change while also acknowledging and celebrating those who for generations have driven positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

As part of our ongoing commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in our education materials, we have developed a variety of resources and services to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners in their understanding of how Indigenous Knowledge (IK) can be protected by intellectual property (IP). The materials are also relevant for non-Indigenous business owners wishing to use Indigenous Knowledge (IK) in their business.

Some of our current resources are below:

  • Our Indigenous Knowledge Project   is looking at ways the IP system can better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to benefit from and protect their IK. We have publications, research, and consultations on a number of ideas to support the protection of IK in the IP system.
  • The Indigenous Knowledge IP Hub  is designed for people looking to work with Indigenous Knowledge as part of their business.
    • Aimed at both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business or non-Indigenous business with questions about IK, the Hub has information to guide customers through some of the IP issues they may encounter.
    • The website has an easy-to-read format and sets out the typical business journey, providing resources to support business as they take steps to grow from ideation to commercialisation.
  • Yarnline is a free call-back service that aims to increase the accessibility of information about intellectual property for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business, and supports those working with Indigenous business to better understand IK and IP.
    • Customers can book a time to have an in-depth conversation about IP and IK with one of our specialist Yarnline staff members - the team consists of 12 specialist staff members from different IP Australia business groups, including our Indigenous Employees Network.
    • Customers can contact the Yarnline team on our free call number 1800 316 949 or through our webform.
  • We have developed several short Indigenous Knowledge videos that provide information on important aspects of IK including: working respectfully with IK, best practice, and explaining the consideration needed when wanting to use community knowledge.
  • We have a case study showcasing the successful collaboration between an Aboriginal artist and a lifestyle gifts and homewares business -  Alperstein Designs X Ngarga Warendj: IP and collaborations

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If you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 65 10 10 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) Canberra time.