12 September 2017

IP Australia has now enabled the option to submit 3D model files with Design applications via our eServices channel.

We are implementing this functionality in order to ‘future proof’ our systems and processes for our customers. This ensures we will be able to handle new technology types and formats that the industry use to create their IP.  

IP Australia will only be accepting a single 3D file per application, and the file:

  • Will only be used as a visual aid during the examination process if provided
  • Will not form any part of the specification
  • Will not define the scope of the protection
  • Will not be published on the Australian Design Database Search (ADDS), the Australian Journal of Designs (AOJD) or on any certificates.

Design applications will still require the submission of 2D representations which need to be in the specified file format (JPEG, TIF, PNG). The 3D file must be a one page 3D PDF where it is encoded as a Universal 3D (U3D) 3rd edition or Product Representation Compact (PRC) format.

If a Statement of Newness and Distinctiveness (SOND) is provided, it should not have any reference to the 3D model as it is not an official representation.