17 April 2018

We listened to your feedback and are happy to announce that the newly updated IP Toolkit is now live.

Collaborations can involve complexity in managing the interrelationships between confidentiality, use of existing IP, publication of information, commercialisation and decision making around IP rights. This is where the IP Toolkit comes in, IP Australia and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science have developed the toolkit to help simplify the management of IP in collaborations between researchers and business by giving you the information and tools to identify issues early on and build effective partnerships.

The new IP Toolkit is more interactive, user-friendly and accessible. The content has been streamlined, with a stronger focus on IP matters, and a new section dealing with IP Management Scenarios provides more detailed information on how the contract and term sheet templates can assist in collaboration projects.

The toolkit includes:

  • a collaboration checklist covering the key issues that need to be considered
  • contract, confidentiality agreement and term sheet templates
  • guidance and information to help collaborating parties manage their IP.

Take a look at how the IP Toolkit can help with your next collaboration.