3 March 2021

We have been working hard to enhance your experience when applying for and managing your IP rights. The build of our online services is nearly complete. It now provides a modern, intuitive, and streamlined process that makes it faster and easier to file and manage your IP rights.

Online services will soon replace eServices as the digital channel for managing IP rights. This means all customers will need to apply for and manage their IP rights in our new online services.

What can I do in online services?

Our online services feature a streamlined application experience and contextual guidance to help you apply for and manage IP rights quickly and easily. Over the coming months, online services will be upgraded in a staged approach to cater for all transactions. To learn what you can do in online services right now, please see our coming soon page within online services.

You can use the new online services experience to:

  • file for a new patent, trade mark, design, or plant breeder’s right
  • view and manage your existing patent, trade mark, design, or plant breeder’s right
  • view your past payments, requests, and receipts
  • manage your correspondence
  • view and update your profile details
  • add, view, and update contacts in your address book

To access online services, simply use your existing eServices details to log in or sign up here.

What can’t I do in online services?

In the new experience, there will be changes to how you file for international patents and file international transactions with us. International transactions won’t be supported in online services and now must be filed through WIPO’s ePCT. The ePCT system is a quick way to file international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). We will continue to allow for payments of international and ePCT transactions in online services.

If you would like to learn more about filing PCT applications through ePCT, please see our guide to filing an international application.

I have existing rights in eServices. Can I still access them?

Yes, your existing eServices information will be automatically transferred to online services. If you have existing rights in eServices, you can now access and manage them in online services.

How can I provide feedback?

We are committed to creating a better experience for all customers, so we have placed you at the centre of this large-scale transformation. To help us continue to improve your experience, let us know what is working well and what could be improved. You can use the feedback tool within the platform to rate your experience and leave a suggestion. 

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback about the transition to online services, please contact us.