9 March 2022


Following the recent changes to the Designs Act, we are hosting a two-part Designs 101 webinar to help educate designers on the design registration process and its new features.

The changes to the Designs Act came into effect on March 10 2022 and include:

  • The introduction of a grace period;  
  • The simplification of the design registration process; and 
  • Updated formal requirements.

These changes were introduced to provide more flexibility for designers during the early stages of seeking design protection.

The two-part Designs 101 webinar will address these changes in greater detail and help explain what these changes mean for designers looking to register their intellectual property (IP).

The webinars will be spilt across two days and feature insights from IP Australia’s design team.


Webinar 1: Designs 101

This webinar will provide a ‘101’ on the designs registration process. It will help explain how to register your design and briefly touch on the changes to the design registration process.

Date: Wednesday 30 March

Time: 1pm

Location: online

Register now.


Webinar 2: Designs continued

This webinar will expand on the recent changes to the Designs Act and help educate designers on what these changes mean for their registration.

Date: Thursday 31 March

Time:  1pm

Location: online

Register here.

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