6 April 2021

Through the upgrade of our online services platform, we have been working hard to enhance your experience when applying for and managing your IP rights. The new platform provides a modern, intuitive, and streamlined process that makes filing a new trade mark application faster and easier.  

What’s changed?

We have now completed the enhancement of the trade mark application experience. The improvements include:

  • a clean and modern portal design

  • intuitive structure to help you find what you need quickly and easily

  • contextual guidance throughout the application process

  • streamlined application experience.

We are still building the trade mark experience and will add more features to online services as they become available. TM Headstart will be available in online services soon, and can still be accessed in eServices for now.

You can file a new trade mark application using our new online services now. To access online services, simply use your existing eServices details to log in or sign up here.

I have existing rights in eServices. Can I still access them?

Yes, your existing eServices information will be automatically transferred to the new platform. If you have existing trade marks in eServices, you can now access and manage them in the new online services.

Online services will fully replace eServices from 1 July 2021. As a result, eServices will no longer be accessible from 30 June 2021. This means you will need to file and manage your trade mark rights in our new online services.  

If you have any questions, please contact us.

How can I provide feedback?

We are committed to creating a better experience for all customers, so we have placed you at the centre of this large-scale transformation. We want your feedback on what is working well and what could be improved, so that we can continue to make improvements to your digital experience. You can use the feedback tool within the platform to rate your experience and leave a suggestion.

To keep updated on upcoming improvements and releases, see the stay informed page within online services or email the project team on the upgrade of our online services.