2 October 2020

The replacement of eServices is now well underway with our new platform for online services now available to all customers!

You can now trial the new platform and also renew your trade marks using this new experience. Since the launch of the new platform last month, we have already received more than 100 trade mark renewals via the new platform.

To increase traffic to our new platform, soon the ‘Online Services’ button on our home page will be redirected to our new and improved log in page. Please be assured that if you prefer to use the eServices platform, there will be an option to log in via eServices.

Our services will continue to shift to the new platform in a staged approach over the next 12 months. This means that soon you will not only be able to renew trade marks, but customers will also be able to renew other IP rights via the new platform.

We are keen to learn more from our customers about how they find the new experience and the streamlined trade mark renewal process. We encourage you to provide your feedback via the feedback tool within the new platform.

Try the new platform now: