10 August 2020

Counterfeit goods are costing Australian businesses which is why we teamed up with the National Rugby League (NRL) to trial our new Trust Badge, a digital stamp of authenticity.

The Trust Badge provides visual proof that products are authentic by digitally linking between the online store and the brand’s registered trade mark, verifying the website to give consumers greater confidence in their purchase.

In collaboration with the NRL, we applied the Trust Badge to the NRL Shop and Savvy Supporter websites. Initial findings from the trial indicate that consumers understood the purpose of the Trust Badge and that it would increase their confidence shopping online.  

The Trust Badge is built on our award winning Smart Trade Mark platform, which uses type technology and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect information about the trade mark.

With successful preliminary findings from this trial, we are working towards making Smart Trade Mark publicly available by continuing to trial the platform and ensure it meets the needs of businesses.

To find out more about our Trust Badge or to be involved in further trials, visit the Smart Trade Mark website.