20 March 2018

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is a showcase of the best landscape and floral talent, alongside cutting edge innovation in garden retail products. So it’s only natural that we’ll be there to explain our role in protecting intellectual property (IP) in the horticultural industry.

We will be on hand to educate attendees in the steps they can take to protect their brand, product and plant varieties and to promote the importance of IP protection.

Chris Sargent, Managing Director of Plants Management Australia (PMA), the horticultural licensing and marketing company that brought Limelight from concept to consumer, believes Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) are critical to support and reward breeders of good plant varieties.

‘It is important to ensure breeders are recognised and rewarded for their years of plant hunting, breeding and selection which takes place to deliver an innovative, trialled and tested plant varieties to the Australian and global markets,’ Chris explains.

‘Through PBR protection and the payment of royalties, the breeders can reinvest in innovative and application focused programs. This investment allows us to focus on breeding for future market demands, characteristics such as drought tolerance, extended flowering periods and disease resistance. We then have the opportunity to continually present good performing garden plants on to the market.’

‘Protecting these innovations with PBR ensures there is a royalty stream across opportunities in multiple industries, from commercial agriculture to the home gardener.’

While there are many steps to commercialising a new plant variety including trialling, growing, advertising and distribution, PBR protection should be a key consideration.

If you’re in the process of development of a new plant variety, you should consider applying for a PBR to protect it and your long term interests. And if you’re at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, you should stop by our booth for a chat.