World IP Day 2015 - Get up, stand up. For music.

17 April 2015

This year’s World IP Day theme, ‘Get up stand up. For music.’ discusses and encourages us to consider the future of music. What lies ahead for music? How will we listen to it? How will it be created and disseminated? How will people make a living from their talent within the music industry?

Music is one of the most universal creative expressions and the music we enjoy today comes from the inspiration and hard work of thousands of creative people, such as:

  • singers
  • songwriters
  • musicians
  • publishers
  • producers
  • arrangers
  • engineers.

The breadth and variety that these people bring to music results from the accessibility to music genres and styles and the technologies we use to access them. There are many inventions that exist today that have helped  link listeners to music they would otherwise not have access to.

World IP Day aims to promote discussion of music and explore some of the changes shaping the music industry today.

Get up, stand up. Stand up for music!

Get involved!