Virtual Assistant
2 May 2016

We will soon launch a new online tool for our customers – a Virtual Assistant you can ask common trade mark questions to and receive an answer quickly and clearly.

Our Virtual Assistant is part of our plan to continuously improve our web content, visual elements, tools and resources. We created this tool as a result of your feedback. You told us a Virtual Assistant would improve your web experience with us and we are happy to say we have listened.

Like all trainees, our Virtual Assistant will need some time to learn everything there is to know about trade marks and the types of questions customers have. The first four weeks on the job will be a steep learning curve. Once released, part of this learning will come from conversations with you so please help our Virtual Assistant out and ask them the questions you have about trade marks. We will also continue to make improvements over time.

We have developed the Virtual Assistant tool in collaboration with Datacom and Nuance. Nuance is a world leader in providing these types of technological solutions with a focus on the people that use them. Our Virtual Assistant will be just the third such tool released by an Australian Government agency. 

Watch this space!

Our Virtual Assistant will be on the job soon. Keep an eye on the bottom right hand corner of our website.