29 June 2016

Your Virtual Assistant, Alex, has been helping to answer your trade mark questions for more than four weeks now. We’d like to thank you for your help in assisting to train Alex, as every question asked improves the answers provided.

On the very first day Alex had 178 conversations and from those 73 per cent of users told us Alex had correctly answered their question. That’s pretty impressive for a first day on the job. During the first four weeks of training Alex had 3395 conversations and answered 79 per cent of questions correctly.

Improving Alex

Alex is continually monitored and reviewed so we can improve the responses to your questions. Some of the topics Alex has learnt on the job based on the things you wanted to know more about included logos and international trade mark protection.

What you ask about the most

The top questions you asked Alex were:

  • How much does it cost to apply for a trade mark?
  • What is a trade mark?
  • How do I apply for a trade mark?
  • How do I search for a trade mark?
  • I want to trade mark a word and a logo
  • How long does it take to get a trade mark?

In future Alex will be expanded to be able to answer your questions about all of the four IP rights we administer including patents and designs.

Are you looking for the answer to one of the top questions Alex has already been answering? Or have you got something else you’d like to ask? Head on over and ask Alex your question on the bottom right hand corner of the trade mark sections of our website.