Last updated: 
24 April 2017

Peter’s been a mechanic for many years. He's opening his own business and wants to register his trade mark.

Peter does the usual work of a mechanic: maintenance, installation and repairs on people's cars. As a mechanic Peter provides maintenance, installation and repair services on vehicles, he works with vehicles and installs parts, so he wonders if he should include a claim for cars and/or car parts?

A claim for cars or vehicles would be for those people or companies that manufacture or produce cars. Peter is a mechanic, not a car manufacturer. If he's not making cars, he would not need a claim for cars. It's also the same with the parts Peter installs. He doesn’t manufacture them, so he doesn’t need to claim them.

Peter is just providing maintenance, installation and repair services. An appropriate claim is ‘maintenance, installation and repair services’ in Class 37.

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