Last updated: 
24 April 2017

Adam is a builder and gives out flyers to advertise his business.

He doesn’t need to claim this separately as they are a part of the normal course of trade for your business... you don’t make up flyers for other businesses do you? Graphic design is not your strong point.

That reminds me of another fellow I know called Bruce. He's in a similar situation to Adam here.

Bruce is a lawyer and he has wisely chosen legal services in Class 45 on his application.

But, he has also chosen ‘business administration’ and ‘office functions’ in Class 35 as he sees these as part of his business. He’s then added ‘recruitment services" in Class 35 because he recruits office staff and he has also claimed telecommunication services in Class 38 because he uses telephones and mobile phones in his business as well as the internet.

Bruce reviews his application and realises he has claimed 3 classes. Applications are priced per class, so this is starting to add up.

Hey Bruce before you submit... here’s a tip. What part of a business directory would you advertise in?

Go on, look it up.

Of course you are running a legal firm and would be listed under legal services. Would you list yourself under business administration, recruitment services or telecommunications? No.

Bruce, the running of your business, the administration, recruitment and telecommunication, are internal business functions only. You provide ‘legal services’, which belong in just one class, so save the money claiming these internal business activities in other classes.

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