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You've got a trade mark, but what if it's being challenged? Our webinar will explain trade mark oppositions and hearings. It will also provide you with the tools you will need if your trade mark is being opposed.

In this webinar you will learn:

Protecting intellectual property (IP) should be a key part of any business strategy for China. Join David Bennett, IP Australia’s Beijing-based IP Counsellor, and Emily Ma, Austrade's Shanghai Landing Pad Manager, for a webinar on what you can do to protect your IP in China. This webinar is suitable for Australians doing business with China, as well as Australian business and legal advisors.

This webinar will cover:

The Chinese market continues to grow in importance for Australian businesses. If your business is considering exporting to China, or contracting manufacturing in China, then protecting your intellectual property (IP) should be a top priority.

IP enforcement in China has improved greatly in recent years, but foreign businesses still regularly face IP issues. The good news is that by understanding the Chinese IP system and taking early proactive steps to protect IP, businesses can avoid most common IP problems.

The digital economy is awash with fast-paced innovation, and for tech start-ups there is constant pressure to keep up. With so many other competing business priorities, thinking about intellectual property (IP) for ICT products and services can sometimes seem like a waste of precious time and money. But finding ways to handle your IP right might be one of the best investments you can make in the long term, and there are many things to consider for tech start-ups as part of their IP management strategy.

You’ve got a product, it’s new, unique and you want to make sure no one else copies it. Where do you start?

Firstly, keep it secret until you decide how you want to protect it. A registered design will allow you to protect the shape, pattern, configuration and/or decoration of your product, but it has to be original.

Do you have an awesome idea? Firstly, SHHHH! Please keep it secret. Secondly, have you had a look to see if it’s already been invented? If it hasn’t, a patent might be worth considering.

A patent gives you the exclusive right to sell, manufacture and licence your new product, it also allows you to stop others from copying your invention. If you have an idea worth protecting, our patents webinar will help you to understand what you need to know to protect your product or invention.

What you will learn in this webinar:

We know that start-ups are busy and thinking about intellectual property (IP) management can often seem like a waste of precious time and money. However, finding ways to protect your ideas is one of the best investments you can make in the long run, even with financial and time pressures.

In this 45 minute webinar we will give you the tools you need to help you understand the basics of patents, trade marks and designs so you can understand how IP can apply to your business and what your next steps might be.

What you will learn in this webinar:

Your brand is your identity; it’s how your customers know who you are. This could be your business name, logo or a catchy slogan. The more successful your business, the more valuable your brand becomes, so it’s worth protecting.

A registered business name won’t stop your competitors from copying your brand, only a trade mark gives you the legal right to stop others from using it. Protecting your brand can be one of the best investments your business can make, but is it the right decision for your business?