Patent Examiner recruitment webinar
Webinar date: 
Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 12:30 to 13:30

IP Australia is a government agency with a passion for bright ideas. If you get excited by creativity, innovation and breakthrough technologies, you should consider applying for a job with us.

In this webinar, you will learn more about the application process, what is involved in patent examination and what training is included.


Audience Q&A

  • Can you please share an example in Biotechnology and Immunology & Biotherapeutics patent application and what is the job for Patent Examiner?

You can search for and then read patent applications using our database of Australian patents – AusPatAn example of a biotechnology patent is application number 2017328728 and an example of a patent in the bio-therapeutics section is 2018257122A copy of the patent specification can be found under the tab 'Specification/e-Register'. 

These two patent applications have not been examined yet. The role of the Patent Examiner is to review the patent application and then assess whether it meets the legislative requirements of the Patents Act.  Amongst other tests, this includes working out whether the claims of the patent specification are novel (or new) and whether they are inventive. Examiners will often perform a search of electronic databases to identify inventions similar to one being examined.  Patent Examiners will then write to the applicant (normally via a patent attorney) and explain whether there are any reasons the patent application is not ready to be a granted patent.

An example of a patent that has been through the examination process and is now a granted patent is application number 2018253466. On AusPat you will see a tab called 'eDossier' where you can read many of the documents related to the examination process, including those titled 'Examination Report'. 

  • How detailed do you expect the CVs to be? Is there an indication on the length that can be provided?

A CV that is 2 to 3 pages long is typically sufficient.  It should include, your employment history and academic qualifications.  It can be useful to provide a short summary of major projects or achievements against the employment and academic profile, for example, a short sentence explaining what you did in a particular role or what your university project thesis was called.  It can be useful to detail interests outside of work, in particular involvement in community activities, so that the panel has a good picture of who you are as a person.

  • What kind of expertise is required for the medical devices area?

We welcome applications for the medical device team from a vast range of backgrounds and experiences.  Currently, we have Patent Examiners who come to us with medical degrees and medical doctor experience, veterinary scientists, lab and hospital technicians, allied health professionals, prior medical device industrial experience, as well as graduates and postgraduates with appropriate degrees.

  • Biotechnology is a vast area, what specific qualifications are you are looking for? For example, environmental biotechnology, plant biotechnology, microbial biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a vast field and it is best to speak with the contact officer to discuss your specific circumstances.  You can find their details in the position profile on the current vacancies page.

  • My degree is pending for 60 days 'industrial training' before I am accredited with that degree. Could I start the academy and be accredited part-way through?

We realise this is a requirement of certain universities, however, we do require you have an accredited degree before starting with us.

  • Would a Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) be an eventual possibility?

IP Australia has a range of opportunities for learning and development once you’ve attained the Acceptance Delegation.  We do have staff who complete the MIP and, on a case-by-case basis, we can contribute to the course fees and provide time for study.

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