Schedule of Fees - Item 404 not matching PCT schedule of fees

At a glance

Policy ID: 87

Status: Completed

Priority: No priority assigned


Issue summary

The wording of item 404 of the Patent Regulations is unaligned with the schedule of fees under PCT regulations.


  • Policy Development 04-Sept-2017
  • Legislative drafting 26-Mar-2018
  • Consultation 16-Nov-2018 to 21-Dec-2018
  • Legislative drafting 22-Dec-2018
  • Legislation registered 25-Mar-2019
  • Completed 25-Mar-2019


The issue was addressed by an amendment in the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (PCT Translations and Other Measures) Regulations 2019 Schedule 2 Part 2.

The amendment was accorded high priority, as it ensures ongoing consistency with the fee reduction criteria in the schedule of fees set out in the PCT rules without further need to update the Patents Regulations.

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