Alperstein Designs X Ngarga Warendj: IP and collaborations

Alperstein Designs collaborates with Aboriginal Artists & Art Centres around Australia, creating unique ranges of lifestyle gifts and homewares. Mick Harding, is an artist currently collaborating with Alperstein Design and belongs to Yowung-Illam-Baluk clan of the Taungurung people. In this video, you will hear from both Mick and Marc about how collaboration works and important details about ethical licensing.

Hear about Alperstein Designs and their journey to commercialisation and IP protection.

DesignByThem: IP and design

Established in 2007, DesignByThem was founded by industrial designers Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis. Based in Australia, the company is run by designers who are dedicated to creating and producing unique products for design professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Their goal is simple: Produce great work and inspire customers with accessible, world-class design. DesignByThem use a combination of trade marks and designs to support this goal.

Hear about DesignByThem and their journey to commercialisation and IP protection.

Inventia: IP and medical devices

Inventia is an Australian owned company established in Sydney in 2013. Their key focus is on the development, manufacture and sale of equipment and reagents for advanced medical research assays by means of 3D bioprinting. RASTRUM, is a bench-top medical device that prints 3D cell models, using living human cells, quickly and efficiently within a safe, self-contained environment. Inventia has used a combination of IP rights to protect their business in their commercialisation journey.

Hear about Inventia and their journey to commercialisation and IP protection.

Tutu By You: IP and small business

Tutu By You was launched in 2020 by business partners and cousins, Steph Young and Emily Murray. They wanted to create a brand for kids, and something that would bring much joy and happiness to the world. IP was considered early in their business start-up. Sparkle Bands were considered to be a unique item and Tutu By You used a combination of design and trade mark protection to help them on their commercialisation journey.

Hear about Tutu By You and their journey to commercialisation and IP protection.

VisionFlex: IP and telehealth

Visionflex is an Australian company that was formed in 2014 that aims to provide high-quality health technology to remote and isolated locations. They have used a combination of IP rights to effectively protect their business.

Hear about VisionFlex and their journey to commercialisation and IP protection.

    Transcript: Wheely Bug: Design and testing


    So the main idea initially was to create a toy that allows little, very young kids to get around and also to make it not gendered. We both, Barry and I, we love animals, and we just liked the idea of it being a friend as well, not just a toy you use and chuck in the corner.

    We had a concept, we then took things to childcare centres to see what they think about it, and eventually we had it tested. I think to have early and well-protected strategy for your own designs is very important because that's what you have. This is your product.