Transcript: Gecko Traxx: Commercialisation strategies


It's a super portable way of allowing wheelchair users to access the beach. So currently, to protect ourselves in overseas markets, we have actually filed for a PCT patent application. We've been able to use that time to actually start getting in sales and commercialising it, and then start to understand what markets and what countries are actually going to be useful for us as product.


Transcript: DesignByThem: IP and design


We started DesignByThem 13 years ago with the main ambition of creating a brand to showcase Australian design.


We're passionate about Australian design, and we really want to create a platform to support Australian designers take their designs overseas, but also promote it locally as well. Protecting our designs is critical. Intellectual property is an area that I think is often undervalued by designers.


Transcript: Alperstein Designs X Ngarga Warendj: Collaborating with artists


We started working with Mick quite a while back and Mick's work is very different. So we felt that it would be really complementary to what we had.


We get to know one another and then we can bounce ideas off each other and I always get to sign off on that stuff before it goes to production. It's a good relationship.


Transcript: Acustico Lighting: Concept to commercialisation


I have a background in interior design, and I was working in commercial interiors. And continually, I had clients that had a problem with noise. I decided that I really needed to create something that looked really good, but also solved that problem with sound.

Our lights are made in Australia, and they're made from responsible materials. They're custom made, so we don't have a warehouse full of stock. They're made to order.

I think it's really important that our laws protect designers who are creative enough to innovate.