EL 1 - Senior Examiner of Patents

Last updated: 
11 April 2016

GROUP: Patents Chemical, PBR and Electrical
SECTION: Chemical
STATE: ACT or Victoria
CLASSIFICATION: Executive Level 1
TITLE: Senior Examiner of Patents

Job description / Context of the role 

Several Senior Examiner positions are available for permanent filling within the chemical sections in PCPEG. Senior examiners primarily work under the limited direction of the supervising examiner of Patents to assist in the management and leadership of the section.

The chemical examination teams typically comprise up to 30 staff including a Supervising Examiner, up to 4 Senior Examiners of Patents, the remaining being Examiners. The Senior Examiner will manage a small team of Examiners, including the training of new Examiners. Through this structure the Senior Examiner of Patents supports the Commissioner of Patents in the effective leadership and management of the patent process and the realisation of the Patents Chemical, PBR and Electrical Group (PCPEG) Rights Group's corporate objectives.

Condensed wording for the Gazette

As a Senior Examiner of Patents, you will be responsible for contributing to the leadership and management of a chemical examination section. As well as supporting the Supervising Examiner, your responsibilities include the examination of more complex patent cases and supervising and providing training to Examiners, including new recruits and out-posted examiners. Please note the following Eligibility Requirements/Knowledge Required:

Ability to exercise the appropriate power, authority, delegations and discretions under the Patents Act 1990.

A degree in a relevant area of Science (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemistry or Pharmacology), or a diploma together with appropriate industry experience.

Specific Duties

Under limited direction contribute to the management and outcomes of an Examination Section, including:

  • Supervising work of Examiners who do not have acceptance delegation
  • Providing on-the-job training in patent examination to new Examiners
  • Participating in Group and Corporate projects and representing the Section in various fora
  • Mentoring and developing staff, assessing staff competencies and performance, providing feedback and encouraging staff to reach personal, Section and corporate goals
  • Setting a client focus and modelling customer focused behaviours
  • Effective management and operation of a team of diverse people, including out-posted Examiners. Contributing to leadership, including leading a small team in an equitable, participative and consultative manner to achieve results
  • Making a direct contribution to the performance of the Section (in terms of production, productivity and quality)
  • Initiating, implementing and managing change to achieve Group objectives
  • Exercising the appropriate powers, authority, delegations and discretion under the Patents Act 1990
  • Demonstrates attitudes and behaviours responsive to workplace change (including participates in and encourages others to participate in change and contribute to successful outcomes)
  • Improves organisational performance through effective engagement with and management of risk within relevant sphere of influence
  • Establishes clear expectations and creates an environment to achieve stated goals and objectives, takes ownership and honours commitments
  • Maintains an understanding of their/worker responsibilities under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and a commitment to promoting a healthy and safe workplace.

Eligibility Qualifications / Knowledge required

A degree in a relevant area of science (Biochemisty, Molecular Biology, Chemistry or Pharmacology), or a diploma together with appropriate industry experience.
Hold Acceptance Delegation (Examiner of Patents)

Key Skills / Capabilities

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, particularly the ability to provide constructive and objective feedback, listen, understand and adapt to the audience, negotiate persuasively and motivate
  • Good judgement and analytical skills, in particular the ability to quickly identify the important facts relating to an issue and their relationship to other facts or issues
  • Flexibility (i.e. having an open mind to new ideas and/or the opinion of others) and a positive attitude to change
  • Resilience (i.e. ability to maintain a positive outlook in the face of adversity)
  • Thorough knowledge of patent law and practice, together with demonstrated judgement in its application
  • Ability to exercise the appropriate powers, authority, delegations and discretions under the Patents Act 1990
  • Ability to supervise patent examination in Biochemical/Chemical and/or Pharmaceutical fields
  • Ability to train examiners on the job.

Application Requirements

Applicants for this position will be assessed on application, interview and referee reports. Please provide:

  • in relation to each of the selection criteria, a maximum 500 word statement that outlines relevant skills and experience
  • a current CV of no more than 2 pages
  • the name of one referee and contact details.

Applications must be submitted through the IP Australia Web Recruitment system (ESS)

Please note: you MUST be an Australian Citizen to be engaged in the APS and to meet IP Australia’s security clearance requirements

Selection Criteria

The first five selection criteria are based on the capabilities listed in the APS Integrated Leadership System (ILS) as required for a particular classification level. Further information about the ILS capabilities can be found at http://www.apsc.gov.au/publications-and-media/current-publications/ils
How well an applicant possesses these capabilities will be assessed in accordance with the ILS Executive Level 1 profile, which can be found at http://www.apsc.gov.au/publications-and-media/current-publications/resou...

  • Shapes Strategic Thinking
    • Inspires a sense of purpose and direction
    • Focuses strategically
    • Harnesses information and opportunities
    • Shows judgement, intelligence and common sense
  • Achieves Results
    • Builds organisational capability and responsiveness
    • Marshals professional expertise
    • Steers and implements change and deals with uncertainty
    • Ensures closure and delivers on intended results
  • Cultivates Productive Working Relationships
    • Nutures internal and external relationships
    • Facilitates co-operation and partnerships
    • Values individual differences and diversity
    • Guides, mentors and develops people
  • Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity
    • Demonstrates public service professionalism and probity
    • Engages with risk and show personal courage
    • Commits to action
    • Displays resilience
    • Demonstrates self-awareness and a commitment to personal development
  • Communicates with Influence
    • Communicates clearly
    • Listens, understands and adapts to audience
    • Negotiates persuasively
  • Technological background, skills and experience
    • Demonstrated ability or capacity to lead and manage a team responsible for examination in a chemical and/or biotechnological field
    • Demonstrated ability to exercise appropriate powers, authority, delegations and discretions under the Patents Act 1990
    • Demonstrated ability or capacity to deliver training to patent examiners in the process of gaining Acceptance Delegation.

Contact Officer

For further information pertaining to this job please contact Sophina Calanni on (02) 6283 2376

Assessment Method

A merit list will be established for a 6 month period. If new vacancies arise, the next highest ranked candidate/s may be drawn from the merit list depending on fit to the relevant technology examined by the section.

Working in IP Australia

Australia’s Intellectual property (IP) rights system supports innovation, investment and international competitiveness. IP Australia administers Australia’s IP rights system, specifically patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights. IP Australia also undertakes programs to educate and promote an awareness of intellectual property (IP), provides IP policy input to Government, develops legislation to support the IP system and contributes to bilateral and multilateral negotiations to improve IP protection internationally.

IP Australia strives to deliver robust IP rights efficiently, satisfy our customers in terms of timeliness and value for money and be recognised as one of the leading IP offices in the world for the quality (including accuracy and consistency) of the IP rights we grant. IP Australia is committed to external certification of our Quality Management System which involves applying ISO 9001:2008 to key business processes and to environmental management through ISO14001 certification within the agency.

All IP Australia staff contribute to the achievement of organisational outcomes and the overall management of IP Australia by assisting, as appropriate, the Commissioner of Patents and the Registrars of Trade Marks and Designs and Plant Breeder’s Rights, and their deputies (where relevant), to perform statutory functions, and where appropriate, exercise relevant delegations.

IP Australia recognises the importance of employees balancing their work and personal lives by offering staff access to an ongoing series of health and wellbeing programs, flexible work-life policies and a range of professional development programs. IP Australia is a breastfeeding friendly workplace.

The IP Australia office in Canberra provides high quality accommodation and facilities. These include: an on-site café, conference, meeting and training rooms; limited on-site parking for cars and motor cycles available on a rotational basis; the provision of undercover bicycle racks; excellent shower/change facilities for staff choosing to walk or ride to work; and the advantage of all staff being co-located in the one building.

Please note: All IP Australia positions are subject to an ENTRY ONLY pre-employment check unless a higher security clearance has been identified. Other pre-employment checks may also apply..

Job documentation updated and endorsed for use: Date: 11/04/2016