Last updated: 
3 July 2019

Who can receive correspondence electronically?

The vast majority of IP right correspondence is available electronically to our online services and B2B customers. Correspondence is issued electronically by default for all IP right applications lodged via online services from the dates listed below.


  • all innovation patent applications filed from 24 May 2001
  • standard patent complete applications and provisional patent applications filed after 5 July 2002 
  • PCT applications which entered the national phase after August 2002
  • Note: hard copy correspondence will still be sent for anything relating to older patents

Trade Marks

  • all applications filed from 16 March 2015


  • all applications filed from 27 March 2016

Plant Breeder’s Rights

  • all applications  filed from 1 February 2017


How can I receive electronic correspondence for my earlier IP rights?

If you are a user of our online services and would like to receive correspondence for all of your IP rights electronically, please write to us using our Contact Us form.


In what format will electronic correspondence be provided?

Each item of correspondence will be provided as a single PDF file. These files are text searchable.

  • B2B customers will receive correspondence in batches. Correspondence batches will be sent in the form of a ZIP file containing an XML manifest and relevant correspondence in PDF format.
  • Online services customers are able to download multiple correspondence items through the bulk download option.  A ZIP file will be downloaded containing the selected correspondence items.


How will I be notified of new correspondence?

Our online services users will receive an email notification alerting them to any new correspondence.

Email notifications will only be sent when there is new correspondence.


Will I be notified if I have not viewed or downloaded my electronic correspondence?

Two reminder emails will be sent to our online services users who have not viewed new correspondence. The first reminder is sent after four weeks, the second after four months from the day the correspondence was issued.

Any correspondence older than six months will be removed from the system. Customers are encouraged to download and save or print their correspondence to another location before the six month time frame expires.

B2B customers will not receive email notifications.


When and how often will correspondence be sent electronically?

Correspondence will be processed and sent out overnight. When the correspondence is identified to be of an urgent nature, it may be sent at any time of day.


What additional information will be provided with electronic correspondence?

Customer references will be provided for each correspondence item. The reference will match the reference on the correspondence item.

Other information provided includes: dispatch date, IP right number, IP business line and correspondence type.


What additional information is provided for correspondence related to multiple IP Rights?

For correspondence items that relate to multiple IP rights, the system will indicate the IP right number relates to 'multiple'.


How long do I have to view or download my electronic correspondence within online services?

Our online services correspondence facility will display electronic correspondence items for 15 months or until the 2500 item limit has been reached (whichever happens earlier).


How do I know if I have viewed a correspondence item?

Our online services correspondence facility provides a status indicator column. Upon viewing or downloading correspondence, the status will display 'read'. For any correspondence items that have not been actioned the status will display 'unread'.


Who do I contact if I believe I have a correspondence related issue?