Last updated: 
11 April 2016

Table of contents:


Working Steps

  1. When to use
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Enter your details
  4. Attach a document - IP right form
  5. Review, pay and sunbmit
  6. Recieve a transaction ID


When to use

  1. This guide provides you with an overview of how to use the Alternate Lodgement Service (ALS). This service will only be available to customers when eServices is unavailable due to maintenance.

    ALS should ONLY be used to lodge URGENT service requests that are time critical in nature. In all other cases we strongly advise you to wait until eServices becomes available again. See 'Expected Outage' section.

    Your lodgement MUST be accompanied with the appropriate completed IP Rights form and fee, if required. Failure to do so may put your lodgement at risk.

    We recommend that you consult the ALS User Guide when using ALS by clicking on the i-icon icon or 'User Guide' link.

    On completion the ALS will provide you with a ‘Transaction ID’ and an ‘Alternate Lodgement Confirmation’ that you can download or print.

    Note that any lodgement made through ALS will not be listed in your history page in eServices

  2. Please 'enter' if you need to lodge an URGENT service request that is time critical of nature


Terms and conditions

  1. Before entering the ALS you are requested to accept the ALS Terms & Conditions. (These are different to those of our eServices website).

  2. At the bottom of the page you can either press the 'I Accept' button that will take you to the next page or the ‘Decline’ button that will take you back to the Home Page.


Your user details

  1. Please enter your user details of which some are mandatory '*'. You can also enter your eServices ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, if you have these. This will allow IPA staff to identify you more easily when processing your lodgement.

  2. After having entered all (mandatory) fields, please press the 'Next' button. At any time you can exit ALS by pressing the ‘Cancel’ button that will return you to the ALS home page.


Your service request details

  1. Please indicate the type of service you are requesting and enter a short description of request. A detailed description of your request will be captured in the relevant IP Rights form.

  2. Please enter the relevant IP right Application / Registration number(s), if known to you.

  3. You can also enter your own personal Customer's Reference if you wish to do so.

    Once you are satisfied that you have entered all (mandatory) fields, please press the 'Next' button. At any time you can return to the previous page by pressing the 'Back' button.


Your attachments details (IP right form)

  1. Please find the appropriate IP Rights form by clicking on the appropriate link – Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Breeders Right.

  2. On our forms section you will be able to search for the appropriate IP Right form by ’Form Type’ or by 'Keyword Search'
  3. Once you have located the appropriate IP Right form, click on the 'Download this document' link and save the editable PDF IP Right form to your computer.
  4. Fill in the IP Right form and upload it to the ALS.
  5. If required additional attachments can be uploaded. Valid attachments are: PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XML, TIF, JPG, PNG, MP3 or MPEG. Maximum individual attachment size is 40MB. Total attachment size is 100MB.
  6. After having uploaded your attachment(s) press the 'Next' button.


    Your fee details

    1. Please click on the appropriate link to find the correct fee schedule.

    2. Locate the appropriate fee schedule.

      Note: When determining your fee for an Item / Action always choose the 'Fee using eServices' or 'Fee'. If you are applying for a Trade Mark application choose the 'Without Pick List' fee.

    3. Enter the fee amount and press 'Next'. If the fee amount is zero press 'Next'


    Your pay and submit details

    1. Please review the summary of your alternate lodgement before entering your credit card details. If you wish to make any changes to your lodgement please press the ‘Back’ button until you reach the relevant page to make the required change(s).

      Note: If you have determined the fee to be $0, the credit card details section will not be visible. To submit your service request details, please press the 'Submit' button.
    2. The fee amount you have determined to pay will be prepopulated in the Credit Card details section. (Amount (AU)). Please enter your credit card details before pressing the 'Pay and Submit' button.

      Note: A
      fter the 'Pay and Submit' button is pressed your payment will be sent off to our secure online payment service for processing. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR TRANSACTION ID. Failure to do so may result in your payment and submission of your alternate lodgement not being processed correctly


    Your Alternate Lodgement confirmation and transaction ID (ID details)

    1. You will receive a Transaction ID when:
    • the submission of your non-fee lodgement has been received by IPA; or
    • the payment of your lodgement has been successful processed via the NAB and the submission of your lodgement has been received by IPA.

      Note: In the unlikely event that the payment of your lodgement has not been successful due to our secure online payment service being unavailable you will still receive a Transaction ID. You are requested to ring IP Australia and provide information from your Lodgement Confirmation and its associated Transaction ID to arrange alternative payment
    1. You can save your Alternate Lodgement Confirmation as a PDF to your computer by clicking on the 'Save as PDF' button.
    2. If you wish to make an additional request you can press the 'Another Request' button. You will be either taken back to the 'User Details' page to where your entered details will remain visible or redirected back to eServices, if available.

      Note: ALS will continue to be available for up to a half an hour after eServices has been restored to allow you to finish your lodgement