Last updated: 
7 April 2016

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My cart

"My Cart" allows you to add multiple eServices requests (across IP Right types) to be paid and submitted in one eServices session.

"My Cart" has a maximum attachment size limit of 200MB.

You will be notified when your cart is close to reaching the total attachment limit. We recommend that you pay and submit your cart when you receive this notification. You will also be notified when you have reached the maximum attachment limit. When you receive this notification you will no longer be able to add the current eServices request to your cart. Your current eServices request should be saved using the "Save as Draft" option - you can add this eServices request when you start a new "My Cart" session. 

If there is an error submitting your cart payment "My Cart" will be locked. You will receive a notification advising you to contact IP Australia for support. 


Selecting view/edit allows you to go back and view or edit details of each individual eServices request in your cart. When you select view/edit for an individual eServices request you will be taken to the summary screen. Select the details you would like to change by selecting "Edit details". You will be taken to this step of your eServices request and will have to proceed through each step of the eServices request before updating your cart.

If you choose to edit your eServices request, select "Update Cart" to ensure any changes are added to your cart.

Note: If you edit your eServices request and save as draft without selecting "Update Cart" these changes will not be reflected in "My Cart".


Selecting remove will prompt you with a warning message giving you the option to remove the individual eServices request from My Cart. Alternatively, to save the individual eServices request, select "No" and  select "Save as Draft".

Save as draft

You can save a copy of your eServices request at any time prior to payment. If you continue to edit your eServices request after saving it as a draft, you will need to save it again to capture these edits.

NOTE: If you edit your eServices request and save as draft without selecting "Update Cart" these changes will not be reflected in My Cart. Also, the save as draft function will allow you to save eServices request with a maximum file attachment size of 50MB.

When you click "Save as Draft" you will be asked to specify where you'd like to save the file on your local computer. A .zip file will be downloaded to your computer in the location that you have specified. If your eServices request has attachments, the attachments will also be saved within the .zip file.

To continue editing your application or to view it, you will need to resume the application through eServices. For security purposes, you can only view or edit the saved copy of your application through the eServices portal.

Your cart reference

Your cart reference allows you to enter a unique reference of your choice. This reference can be used by you to identify your eServices My Cart transactions.

You can use any combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Your cart reference is optional and this field does not need to be completed to proceed.  

Official receipt

The official receipt displays your successful "My Cart" payment/s.

Where multiple eServices request payments have been submitted using "My Cart" you will be provided an official receipt for each individual eServices request submitted using your cart. You can select "View" in your List of Service Requests to take you to the official receipt for each individual eServices request.

We recommend that you print or save your official receipt for your records.

You can access your official receipt details for any payment within 6 months of submitting your eServices request/s from your "eServices History" in "My Portfolio".

NOTE: If you are printing your official receipt, ensure the "Enable Shrink-to-Fit" option is checked in page setup.