Last updated: 
7 April 2016


The eServices Correspondence facility provides users the ability to download or print electronic PATENTS correspondence. The eServices Correspondence facility is currently limited to offering PATENTS correspondence only. We anticipate Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Breeder's Rights correspondence will be available within this facility in the near future.

The screen provides a list of correspondence items delivered to your eServices account for the last 6 months. Viewing or downloading a correspondence item that is 'unread' from the list below will mark the item as 'Read'. For customers that have an eServices account with multiple users, any action that one user completes will be displayed to all users.

Each item of correspondence is provided as a single PDF file. These files are text searchable.

You may opt to view 10, 25, 50 or 100 Records per page.

You can sort correspondence items by each of the columns by selecting the column header.

  • SELECT - Used to select multiple correspondence items for bulk download (see below)
  • SUBMITTED DATE - The time and date the correspondence item was sent by IP Australia.
  • READ/UNREAD - The read status of the correspondence item.
  • CUSTOMER REFERENCE NUMBER - Your reference is the unique reference submitted with your service request.
  • IP RIGHT NUMBER - The associated IP Right number.
  • IP BUSINESS LINE - The IP Right type: Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Plant Breeder's Rights.
  • CORRESPONDENCE TYPE - Description of the correspondence item.
  • VIEW CORRESPONDENCE - Select View to open Correspondence items in the browser.
  • EXPORT CORRESPONDENCE - Select Download to download the correspondence item as PDF file.


You may also download a ZIP file containing multiple selected correspondence items via the Bulk Download Option. An XML manifest file is included in the ZIP file that describes the contents within.

Select each item you wish to download by ticking the select checkbox and then click the green 'Download' button located at the bottom of the screen.


You can filter the visible correspondence items using the filter correspondence item options. Enter your criteria and click the 'Filter' button. Click the 'Clear filter' link to start again.


You can print each correspondence item by clicking 'view' or 'download'. Clicking 'View' will display the correspondence in your browser. You can print this item by clicking on the printer icon in the top left corner of the display (screen shot below). Clicking 'Download' will prompt you to open or save the item as a PDF file. When the file is opened, it can be printed by clicking on the printer icon in your PDF tool menu (screen shot below).