Last updated: 
7 April 2016

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The Card Code Verification number or card security number is usually 3 digits and often found on the back of your credit card.

Official receipt 

This screen is provided to you as a recognition of your transaction and will appear in your eServices history. You will not be mailed an official receipt for the transaction.

The official receipt displays your successful "My Cart" payment/s.

Where multiple eServices request payments have been submitted using "My Cart" you will be provided an official receipt for each individual eServices request submitted using your cart. You can select "View" in your List of Service Requests to take you to the official receipt for each individual eServices request.

We recommend that you print or save your official receipt for your records.

You can access your official receipt details for any payment within 6 months of submitting your eServices request/s from your "eServices History" in "My Portfolio".

NOTE: If you are printing your official receipt, ensure the "Enable Shrink-to-Fit" option is checked in page setup.