Last updated: 
7 April 2016

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  • User Details
  • Customer Details
  • Secret Questions
  • ACN / ARBN
  • ABN
  • Legal name
  • Address for correspondence
  • Legal name of the organisation


User Details

The information recorded on this screen is about you as the user of eServices, whether you register as yourself or as a representative of an organisation.

Customer Details

The information recorded on this screen is about the customer. A customer can be an individual, an organisation or an agent.

If you are an individual and are representing yourself the customer details would relate to you personally.

If you are representing an organisation, the organisation would be the customer and the customer details would relate to the organisation.

If you are acting as an agent, the person(s) or organisation that you are representing would be customer and the customer details would relate to them.

Secret Questions

Secret questions can assist you to access the system if you ever forget your password or username. They may also be used by IP Australia to verify your identity if you contact us by telephone.


An ACN is an Australian Company Number.

An ARBN is an Australian Registered Body Number.


An ABN is an Australian Business Number.

Legal name

This is your full name that appears on Government issued documents such as birth and marriage certificates.

APPLICANTS - It is important the name you enter here has ‘legal personality’ – this means the entity needs to be legally able to own property. An individual identified with a full name (no initials), a registered company or an incorporated association are all examples of entities which have ‘legal personality’. Business names and Trusts do NOT have legal personality. In the case of a trust, it is the trustees (full names, no initials for individuals) who have legal personality. It’s also important to note, even if you enter an ABN above, the result returned does not necessarily have ‘legal personality’. If the owner entered does not have legal personality, this may cause delays in the examination process and/or affect your ability to enforce your IP right. If you are unsure about what details to enter here, please contact us on 1300 65 10 10.

AGENTS - If you are applying as an agent and do not plan to own any intellectual property under these ownership details, the name does not need to have ‘legal personality’.

Address for correspondence

This is the address where IP Australia will send all correspondence relating to an IP right. This address may be a street address or a post office box, and can be located in Australia or overseas.

Do not provide your home address to IP Australia if you do not want it published online. You can provide a post office box or other valid address as your address if you want to keep your home address private.

Legal name of the organisation

The legal name of the organisation is the name that appears on all official documents or legal papers. This name may be different from the organisation's trading name.