Last updated: 
26 July 2017

IP Australia has been a proud supporter of GovHack since 2015 and teams using our data have been very successful. This year we are excited to see what fantastic entries can satisfy our bounty! The bar is set high after a number of previous bounty entries are now in beta becoming real tools, like IPNOVA.

Our data vision is – “The right data is available to those who need it – anywhere and anytime”. In line with this aim, we would like this year’s participants to produce a tool which provides IP rights applicants a real-time update of the status of their application.

We have also released a demonstration subset of IPGOD which we have named – Demi-GOD! It includes all of the tables but is limited to only the last 10 years so you won’t have to spend all night trying to download it.

We realise that there is not a lot of knowledge out there about the IP Rights system, so we have put together a welcome pack this year (linked at the bottom of this page). This pack will provide hackers with a crash-course in: patents, trade marks and our management systems. We are hoping by providing more user documentation, you will be able to appreciate the possibilities of our data-set. It will also provide user documentation, so you will be able to appreciate the possibilities of our data-set.

Find us with your questions on Twitter @IPAustralia_OCE or on #talk-ip at

We will also have volunteers onsite through-out the weekend so look out for us and we look forward to seeing what you develop!

What's the bounty?  Take a look!


govhack_welcome_pack_2017.doc Microsoft Office document in Microsoft Office document format [374.5 KB]