A guide for your digital business

Digital computing technology is now an integral part of any business. With this new technology comes new challenges in how intellectual property is handled. How can you protect your new innovation? What can you do if someone copies your work online? And what are the other threats to your digital intellectual property?

IP for Digital Business is for anyone looking to manage their IP in the digital age. Whether you're a tech start-up creating advanced digital solutions or a small businesses finding new customers online, we'll guide you through some of the IP issues that you'll encounter as you take the steps to grow from idea to international trailblazer.

How to use

We’ve mapped out content in sync with the business lifecycle so that you can quickly and easily find relevant information. Use the navigation menu to get to topics for your stage of business, or click through the business stages if you just want to explore.

IP for Digital Business provides information and it isn't intended to be used as legal advice. To get the most out your intellectual property we recommend you engage an IP professional.