IP infringement

Keeping competitors away from your IP is not only your right but also your responsibility.

You should also respect the IP of others and only use it under certain conditions.

Enforcing your IP

Someone’s infringing on my IP, what can I do?

Enforce your right


Your ability to enforce your IP right is vital in retaining its value. Create an infringement strategy to help you decide how to deal with infringing conduct.

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Before taking legal action


In order to take action against infringement you must be able to prove you own the IP right and that the infringing conduct is illegal.

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Resolution methods


As the owner of an IP right you have a range of legal options to deal with infringement, which do not involve going to court.

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Going to court


If you are unable to resolve disputes through alternative methods, you may need to initiate formal court proceedings.

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Infringing on others' IP

I’ve been accused of infringing, what can I do?

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More about IP infringement

Protecting your IP online


Trading online gives you access to a global market but it also comes with risks.

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IP insurance


Insurance policies are available to cover your legal costs if you have to enforce your IP right, or are accused of infringing on someone else.

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Counterfeiting and piracy


Piracy and forgery are criminal offences and carry heavy penalties including jail time.

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Unsolicited invoices

You should be wary of invitations to sign up to unsolicited services related to your IP right. We have some examples of what these invitations may look like.

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