Location of service: 
Nationally via digital, NT, SA
Services offered via digital means: 
Yes via skype/zoom/Webex access to good reliable NBN and hardware iOS and Windows; Access to teleconference and video conferences.
IP Right: 
Patents, Trade marks, Designs
One Pacific Dispute Resolution

Mobile: 0414813771


Mediation: $385/hr (minimum 2 hours); Pre Mediation $165 (minimum 2 hours, 1 hour with each party); Mediation Session $1100 (capped at 7 hours); Extended rates per hour after 7 hours is $110/hr (capped 3 hours); $880/day (capped at 7 hours); If travelling +40km $55/hr (capped at $400 per day. (all prices inc. GST) (see profile for further pricing detail)

Proficient languages: 
Further pricing information: Venue Hire: POA; Hub, Regus or Karstens mediation rooms Teleconference and Video Conference: POA Hub,Regus or Karstens video conference facilities

Mediation experience

Ippei has been mediating full time since 2003 and has facilitated, taught and assessed mediations across Australia. He is considered an expert in complex commercial mediations involving high levels of volatility and delivering mediation programs with high degree of technical, professional and cross-cultural matters including multiparty scenarios.

He has managed a state based mediation centre and employed 80 mediators across the jurisdictions and led award winning mediation programs and was recognised by the Resolution Institute in 2014 for his mediation ability.

Ippei currently serves on the Mediation Standards Board and leads the Compliance sub-committee.

Mediation qualifications

Ippei completed his mediation training at the Department of Justice in the Northern Territory in 2003 and is NMAS accredited through the Resolution Instituter (exp. 20 April 2018). Ippei was employed for over 7 year working full-time in for the mediation unit within the Court Support Services. Ippei is considered as an expert as a mediation Practioner practicing in court-annexed, commercial, community and remote area mediations.

He is a Practioner Member of the Resolution Institute (exp. 30 June 2017) and registered as Coach with the Resolution Institute in NSW, Qld, Victoria, NT.

Ippei also has extensive experience in institutional mediations where power imbalance requires management with vulnerable complainants who are victims of abuse and has been contracted under Australian Government Tender convening for the Defence Abuse Task Force.

Specialist experience and qualifications

Ippei has delivered mediations involving IP matters as part of his facilitation of a wide range of commercial mediations matters referred by the Courts and Tribunals. These matters have included disputes over patents, publications, copyright, trademarks, royalties and music. Mediation complexities have been influenced by the number of multiple parties involved, use of video/tele conferencing, history of the relationship, timeframes, parties represented by lawyers and other content experts.

Whilst all mediations were conducted with the solid ethical underpinnings Ippei has developed his skills through his ability to contextualise my practice to the differing circumstances and needs of the clients through mutual and informed consent. In addition, Ippei has successfully facilitated mediations where there have been significant power differences including where one party may be more financially stronger position, familiar with legal / mediation process and there has been a strong corporate culture and history where the complainant has had to overcome fear and mistrust to feel safe at the mediations I have facilitated.

With all IP related mediations, Ippei has always conducted himself with great respect and empathy for the parties involved and will go the extra mile to gain some level of knowledge of the subject matter to gain a level of fluency on the specialised / niche subject matter in dispute through background research coupled with his personal work experience in the commercial context.


Additional information

Ippei has ready access to hardware, software and internet to conduct mediations via video confecting via a number of platforms and is he is comfortable in using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Eureka, Cisco WebEx and has access to IP based video confining at universities and private office such as Regus, Karstens and The Hub (POA).

Ippei is considered an expert in conducting multiparty mediations using digital technology and has facilitated as many as 30 people across multi-state and international participants at the same time.

Ippei holds professional indemnity or errors and omissions insurance for an insured amount of not less than $A10,000,000 for each claim through AON Risk Services Polity A9C O4983 Current through to 30 April 2018 with public liability of $A20,000,000

Ippei has mediated extensively across remote regional areas and is comfortable in delivering mediations in such areas if required. He also has an employment background in tourism, hospitality, aviation and secondary and tertiary education sectors.

Ippei is considered an expert in cross-cultural mediations and multiparty mediations. He has designed and developed award winning mediation programs for CALD clientele in both urban and non-urban communities. This has been significant where he was involved with IP mediations involving Aboriginal Artists and an Art Gallery and clients who have intellectual disability seeking to resolve matters that required support so they could negotiate in a physically, emotionally and culturally safe environment.