Respond to accusations of IP infringement

If you’ve been accused of intellectual property (IP) infringement, you'll need to determine if you have infringed on the IP right, and consider how you'll respond.  

Get legal advice 

It's important that you get legal assistance from an IP professional who can advise you on your specific situation.

Your IP attorney or lawyer can help you understand:

  • Whether or not you are infringing on another IP right
  • What actions you can take
  • The cost and likelihood of success of each action.

The action you select should be appropriate to your business needs.

Stop the infringing conduct

If possible, you should immediately stop any conduct that's alleged to be infringing, as it:

  • Isn't an admission of guilt
  • Gives you the opportunity to obtain legal advice to confirm whether or not you have a right to continue
  • Reduces the incentive for the owner of the IP right to start legal action
  • Makes it more difficult for the owner of the IP right to obtain an interim injunction
  • Prevents you from creating further infringements that could be the subject of a claim for damages.