TM Checker results are in – it’s a success!

Our TM Checker tool successfully exits pilot, empowering small businesses with AI-driven trade mark assistance.

On 30 April, our TM Checker tool advanced out of pilot. Launched in October 2022, TM Checker helps increase awareness of trade marks and provides a simple and user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) tool to help users check the potential availability of their trade mark for registration.

What were the results of the pilot?

Small businesses have traditionally been under-represented in the trade mark system, so TM Checker was designed to increase their participation.

2024 figures show an average of 660 daily views and 140 weekly applications which is an encouraging sign of innovation and brand protection.

Data shows that 94% of surveyed users since September 2023 identified themselves as a small business, and many were new to the trade mark system. Of the 6794 users who applied for a trade mark via TM Checker from October 2022 to April 2024, 4250 were new clients, indicating that the tool is reaching its target audience of small businesses that may not have previously engaged with the trade mark system.  

What are the features and benefits of TM Checker?  


  • It has been co-designed with small businesses to help improve awareness and identify if a trade mark is potentially available for registration. 
  • It uses AI to help users assess the distinctiveness of a name, phrase or logo and its similarity to existing registered trade marks.
  • It also includes guidance such as short explanatory videos to help users navigate the process more efficiently and confidently.
  • The tool provides estimates for the costs and time required for the trade mark application process helping businesses in their decision-making. 
  • An initial check only takes a few minutes and is free. If a user chooses to apply to register their trade mark using TM Checker, it can cost as little as $330.


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