The Australian Government has begun the process of phasing out the innovation patent. Learn more about what this means for you.


Last updated: 
30 May 2016

Certified innovation patents are published in the Australian Official Journal of Patents.

A renewal fee is due two years from the date you filed your application. Renewal fees are then due annually for the duration of your patent. You need to pay renewal fees for your patent to remain enforceable. These fees apply to both examined and unexamined innovation patents.

Third parties are able to oppose the validity your patent once it is certified. If opposition proceedings are successful, your innovation patent may be revoked.

Certification costs

See innovation patent renewals.

There are no additional fees to certify.

Extra fees may apply if your patent is opposed.

Length of certification

Opposition can occur any time after certification.

Your innovation patent lasts for eight years from the date you filed your application.