Last updated: 
22 February 2022

You need to file your Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application within 12 months of filing your provisional or overseas patent application.

Before you apply

To prepare your application, you will need to:

How to apply

There are two ways to file a PCT application. You can:

If you would like to learn more about filing PCT applications through ePCT, please see our guide to filing an international application.

Please note that you will need to file your PCT application with a recognised Receiving Office. The Receiving Office will check and process your application according to the PCT and regulations. We are the Receiving Office for Australian applicants. To choose Australia as a Receiving Office, at least one applicant for the invention must be a resident of Australia.

Need help?

To learn how to register for WIPO's ePCT system and get started, please see WIPO's Applicant Guide.