Last updated: 
30 May 2016

If you have a provisional application or overseas patent application you would like to claim a priority date from, you will need to file your Patent Co-operation Treaty application within 12 months of filing that application.

Your application must include:

There are multiple methods to filing a PCT application.

Our preferred electronic method attracts a reduced fee:

  • ePCT

Additional methods:

  • Our online services
  • A paper application posted to us

We have a guide to filing your application online if you need additional help.

You will need to file your PCT application with a recognised Receiving Office. The Receiving Office will check and process your application according to the PCT and regulations. We are the Receiving Office for Australian applicants. To choose Australia as a Receiving Office, at least one applicant for the invention must be a resident of Australia.

Applications filed via ePCT can be submitted via the log-on page in WIPO. For more information on how to register and get started on ePCT, please refer to WIPO's FAQs, Getting Started Page and User Guide.