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30 May 2016

Our search system for Australian patent data provides a single point to search for information on Australian patents. It allows you to:

  • search for applications via quick, structured or advanced search options
  • use a range of search options, such as searching by patent number or inventor name
  • find variants of applicant names, inventor names and publication actions
  • view, sort and print search results
  • customise the search results page by adding, removing or rearranging columns
  • save searches and specific patent applications for easy reference later
  • view up to 165 discrete data elements for each application
  • access correspondence relating to patent applications, including responses, examination reports, amendments and search reports
  • access additional opposition, ownership and publication data
  • subscribe to cases of interest using the Subscribe to Email notification service
  • submit material you think may be relevant to the examination of someone else’s patent application using the Public Submission of Relevant Material link on the relevant application details page

Our online patent database

All Australian patent records dating back to 1904 are accessible through searching our online patent database. However, not all data has been captured for some records. Those records can only be accessed by searching a limited number of fields.

Available data:

Year range

Data available


Application number, text of full specification


Application number, text of full specification, IPC marks

1935 - 1979

Some bibliographic data, text of full specification


Bibliographic data, text of full specification

While all Australian patent records are available online, some records have missing specifications. We are working towards making these progressively available.

Patent database downtime

Our patent database will be unavailable for approximately 10 minutes daily between 10.30 pm and 1 am (AEST).

We also have scheduled system maintenance times.

More information

·         AusPat User Guide

·         Search troubleshooting

AusPat videos

AusPat quick search

You can also read the transcript for the AusPat quick search video.

AusPat structured search

You can also read the transcript for the AusPat structured search video.

AusPat advanced search

You can also read the transcript for the AusPat advanced search video.


eDossier provides access to correspondence within our online patent database, relating to patent applications dating back to 2006. You can access:

  • requests for examination
  • examination reports
  • responses to examination reports
  • amendments and search results
  • data relating to oppositions, ownership and re-examination.

New correspondence notification service

You can subscribe to receive email notifications on applications of interest to you. The notifications will let you know when an application has had new documentation added to it.

You can subscribe to receive these notifications in one of two ways:

  • by subscribing to the notification service and inserting the application numbers you would like to receive updates on; or
  • if you find a specific application of interest to you, you can subscribe to receive updates via the link at the bottom of that application’s page on our patent database.

Public submissions of relevant material

Under sections 27 and 28 of the Patents Act 1990 you can provide information to us that you believe shows someone else’s invention is not new (novel) or does not involve an inventive (or innovative) step.

You can make this submission via the ‘Submission of Relevant Material (S27, S28)’ link on the application details page of the relevant patent application in eDossier. This will generate an email so you can begin your submission. It will also provide further information to assist you in making your submission. You will need to provide:

  • your name and mailing address (to send you confirmation that your submission has been received)
  • reasons why you think the invention is not novel or does not involve an inventive step
  • copies of any supporting documents, such as magazine or journal articles, which show the invention in existence before the application's earliest filing date. If you cite a patent, it is not necessary to forward a copy of the specification (as we would already have access to it).
    • For documents not in English, a copy of a translation and a certificate verifying the translation must be supplied. All attachments should be in Adobe PDF format if possible.
    • Do not attach documents that are subject to copyright, unless you own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner. Instead you can send a URL link or provide reference or citation to the document.
    • You should also provide evidence of the date and place of publication the supporting documents (if this is not clear from the document itself).