Last updated: 
1 October 2020

You need to nominate an appropriate qualified person (QP) when you submit your Application Part 1 for plant breeder’s rights. You will need to pay your QP for their services.

A QP is an expert in a particular plant group, accredited by us to certify applications. QPs oversee the comparative growing trial and help you to provide evidence that your new variety is distinct, uniform and stable.

If you don’t have an accredited QP already, you will need to engage a consultant QP.

A list of consultant QPs and their contact details are listed in the qualified persons directory.

What a QP does

QPs can help you with the choice of comparative varieties, experimental design, management regime, data collection, statistical analysis, photography and writing the description of the plant variety.

QPs help to guarantee that applications for plant breeder’s rights are strong to protect against any future infringement or legal issues.

Your nominated QP must certify your application by completing the Certification by the Qualified Person form. This form outlines which functions the QP undertook or supervised in relation to the application.

Nominating a QP

All applications for plant breeder’s rights must nominate a QP. This is done using a Nomination of a Qualified Person form, available in our online services. This form guides applicants and their QPs in determining what functions the QP will play in the preparation of the application.

After you are notified that your nomination of a consultant QP is accepted, you can consult the QP to plan your Application part 2.

Non-consultant QPs

There are two categories of qualified person, consultant and non-consultant. Consultant QPs are accredited to act as consultants to all plant breeder’s rights applicants.

Non-consultant QPs are only accredited to certify applications where they are the breeder, owner or authorised agent or an employee of the breeder, owner or authorised agent.

Becoming a QP

If you wish to become an accredited qualified person, contact us in writing, providing the following:

  • full contact details
  • current employment details
  • qualifications
  • relevant experience
  • species or group of species for which accreditation is sought
  • the geographical area in which you are able to act as a QP
  • three referees' contact details
  • whether consultant or non-consultant status is being sought
  • the accreditation fee.

QP accreditation belongs to you personally and is not transferable to other people within a company or institution.

Accredited QPs will have their phone numbers published in our Plant Varieties Journal, and on our website.

All newly registered QPs will be required to complete the PBR QP Training Suite and have access to these as an ongoing resource.

Hear from our Chief of PBR at IP Australia about our online training suite for QPs:

Please note that this training suite is only available when required for PBR QPs.

Maintaining QP accreditation

To validate and maintain your accreditation, QPs should keep their plant breeder’s rights knowledge current. This can be done via the online PBR QP Training Suite which all QPs have ongoing access to.

QPs pay a three yearly accreditation fee, with invoices sent out one month prior to the due date. The fees are outlined below.



Application for Accreditation as a Qualified Person


Renewal of Qualified Person Accreditation (payable every three years)