Last updated: 
31 May 2016

The Australian plant breeder’s rights (PBR) search contains information on all PBR varieties in Australia.

A detailed description and image is available if the variety has had Application part 2 accepted and been granted full rights under section 44 of the Plant Breeder's Rights Act 1994, or under the previous legislation.

This database does not include information on the varieties for which PBR applications are currently in 'received' status. This is varieties for which part 1 applications have been lodged, but the acceptance process is still pending. For more information on varieties in received status, please contact us.

Simple search

Within the search database, if you know the genus or species of the variety you wish to search for, select it in the Genus and Species fields.

The Variety, Synonym, Common name, Title holder, Application number and Agent fields allow you to type in keywords to search within those fields.

For example, if you enter 'rose' in the Variety field, the search will look for all records that contain the word 'rose' in the Variety field. In this case, varieties such as 'Pink Rose', 'Rose Butterfly' and 'Primrose Petite' will be displayed.

The received, accepted and granted dates can be searched by entering dates into the Start date field and the Finish date field. Leave one or both of these fields blank to narrow or broaden your search as shown in the table below:

How to search

Start date

Finish date




Search the selected field where the date falls on or between x and y



Search the selected field where the date is on or after x



Search the selected field where the date is on or before y



Search the selected field where the date is exactly x



Return all results (for any dates)

Advanced search

You can also perform more complex searches.

For example, if you would like to find out the 'rose' varieties from the title holder David Austin Roses Ltd that were granted between 2005 and 2015, enter the word rose in the Common name field, David Austin in the Title holder field, choose Granted from the Status menu and enter Start date (1/1/2005) and Finish date (31/12/2015) in the Granted date fields and hit the search button.

Overseas PBR search

To find existing PBR registrations overseas you can search the PLUTO database. Not all authorities submit to PLUTO.  Some authorities also have their own searchable databases so another way to search is to visit their websites. A Directory  is available.

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