Plant Breeder's Rights Advisory Committee

The Plant Breeder’s Rights Advisory Committee (PBRAC) is a statutory body established to advise the Minister and the Registrar on technical issues. Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) are administered by us.

In March 2014 the National Commission of Audit recommended that the functions of the PBRAC be considered for consolidation into the portfolio department.

New consultative group

The PBRAC will be replaced with a non-statutory consultative group, supported by IP Australia, to provide advice on PBR matters. This outcome is in line with the Smaller Government Reform Agenda and was supported by around 85 per cent of public submissions received.

The new consultative group is intended to provide an effective and efficient link between government and stakeholders without the need for a statutory body. It also aims to ensure that advice from a broad range of stakeholders is heard by government.

Next steps

In establishing the PBR consultative group, we intend to enlist representatives from a number of areas such as the legal profession, academia, consumers and plant breeders. This will ensure that advice from a broad range of PBR stakeholders is heard by government.

We expect that the consultative group will be operational by the end of 2016.

PBRAC completed reviews

End Point Royalty (EPR) Collection in the Nursery and Garden Industry

PBR Assessment of Extension Framework

More information

PBRAC consultations

Last updated: 
16 June 2016