If you're a high volume customer who interacts with us often, you should consider integrating our application programming interfaces (APIs). Our APIs allow your system's software to connect directly with ours.  

What are APIs?

APIs are a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. They're a type of software interface that offers a service to other pieces of software.

Here's a quick video that explains how APIs work and how they can benefit your business.

Transforming our customer-facing digital platforms and services

IP Australia is now offering customers cutting-edge transactional APIs. Great! But what exactly are APIs? Have you ever ordered a pizza?

Did you know API’s often act as the messenger between you and the pizza store ? For example, a user is requesting information such as pizza menus, adding and removing toppings, and then sending payment through with their order. Just like ordering a pizza, IP Australia now provides rich IP data on demand, which allows you to transact with IP right databases at any time, fully integrate your systems, even develop your own software.

Our APIs are also really easy to consume; a skilled IT developer with API experience could integrate with some of our APIs in as little as one day. Integrating your case management system through our APIs can boost business productivity, saving on double handling and processing by having the systems work directly with each other. Searching for trade marks and other IP rights can also be integrated through APIs, allowing searches directly from your own systems, even custom automated searches.

APIs can also be used to automate processes such as correspondence management, searching, polling and downloading directly into your systems. APIs can save your business money. Since making the switch, one of our larger customers is already seeing savings of half a million dollars per year. Our APIs are like Lego blocks; you can use them to build your own websites and mobile apps from the ground up, allowing your customers to self-serve 24/7 through your custom-designed interfaces. APIs are available now from IP Australia. Contact us now about how we can help your business.

How it works

Our cutting edge APIs allow you to transact with IP right databases at any time, fully integrate your systems and even develop your own software.

You can use our APIs to:

  • Submit IP right requests, including new applications and renewals
  • Get data from trade mark, patent and design search platforms
  • Make payments
  • Retrieve correspondence.

You can't:

  • File evidence for trade mark or patent oppositions.

Who should use APIs?

Our API service is perfect for:

  • High-volume customers who frequently transact with us and access our data, such as attorney firms
  • IP software developers.

How much does it cost?

There isn't a fee to connect our APIs to your system, however, you'll need to pay the required fee for any actions, such as filing a new application.


Benefits of API integration

There's plenty of reasons to consider integration of our APIs, including:

  • Access to real time IP right data
  • Improved visibility of lodgement status
  • Integration of your system with ours, allowing IP right searches directly from your own system
  • Automation of correspondence management, searching and polling
  • Ability to develop your own software
  • Reduction in error trade, time to lodge requests and admin effort.

How to get started

To register for APIs, you'll need to create an account with our API developer portal.

You can use the portal to:

  • Request API access
  • Understand the API specifications
  • Review the API security protocols.

API developer portal

API help

Need help?

We're excited to help more businesses integrate with our API solution.

If you'd like to learn more about how it works and if it's right for you, or if you need help along the way, you can get in touch with us.

Get in touch

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