Charli Chair in use
20 March 2016

If your product is good, you should also have a good patent attorney says Hani Yassa, one of the people behind Charli Chair that featured on reality TV series Shark Tank.

Charli Chair is an innovative solution to baby bath time blues: a chair that safely positions your baby at a comfortable height in the shower – saving your back and keeping the baby safe at the same time.

Meray and Hani Yassa came up with the idea for the baby shower chair with the birth of their youngest child when Meray wanted to come up with a bathing solution that would save her back.

‘We couldn’t believe there was nothing on the market already,’ said Hani who promptly set about changing that!

Hani and Meray Yassa with their daughter in a Charli Chair. Photo supplied courtesy of Hani and Meray.

The couple considered intellectual property (IP) straight away before they went any further down the commercialisation path.

‘We considered IP right at the beginning so I could talk freely about our product to people without being worried that they may pinch our idea,’ said Hani.

Hani and Meray now have a trademark, a registered design and a provisional patent and are in the process of registering a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Hani says the investment in intellectual property is miniscule compared to other business costs and worth it in the long run. He also recommends getting a good legal advice.

‘Pick the right attorney because if you get it (your IP protection) wrong you’ve wasted your time,’ he said.

‘If you’ve got a good product, it’s worth backing it with a good attorney.’



Registering your IP