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Published: 21 April 2017

File for IP protection before launching a crowdfunding campaign and consider your global IP strategy like Byron Bay father-son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson, inventors behind Australia’s most successful crowdfunding campaign to date, The Flow Hive.

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Published: 21 April 2017

Failing to properly secure your brand in China can be a very expensive mistake, as the experience of computer giant Apple shows.

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Published: 21 April 2017

Stormseal inventor and Managing Director, Matthew Lennox, has accelerated his idea for a product that provides huge relief for storm victims and their rescuers and insurers through government funding and securing intellectual property (IP) protection.

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Published: 11 October 2016

With registered intellectual property (IP) in Australia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Hong Kong, founder of Eliminator Sports, Martin McDonald knows a thing or two about the IP system and shares his experience with us.

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Eoin Byrne and Anthony Schmidt
Published: 18 August 2016

Scancam is one of Australia's hottest startups, single-handedly changing the way service stations protect themselves against fuel theft by using video cameras and licence plate recognition technology. Scancam was founded in 2014 by Perth duo, Eoin Byrne and Anthony Schmidt, and is the world’s first smart anti-fuel-theft technology.

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Published: 26 April 2017

Determined to show a risk-averse industry the potential of new microgel technology, Progel CEO and Director of Commercial Engagement at Uniquest, Cameron Turner, explains how his team developed a probiotic drink unlike any other.

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Published: 8 June 2016

Aussies love the outdoors and Bernie Sharrad, inventor and CEO of CapHat® Sun Protection, is no exception.

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Mick Spencer, founder of on the go
Published: 9 May 2016

Mick Spencer, Founder and Managing Director of ONTHEGO®, shares his IP lesson's after his initial trade mark application was unsuccessful as it had already been filed by a competing comany. Spencer discovered the registered trade mark wasn't being used so with research and some professional advice he decided to fight it, and was successful in gaining the trade mark.

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Close up of confectionery chocolate
Published: 21 March 2016

As one of the giants of the confectionery sector, the Mars brand is valuable intellectual property (IP) and is fiercely protected by its owner, Mars Incorporated.

It helps that the company has the former president of the International Trademark Association (INTA) Rhonda Steele as its Marketing Properties Director.

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Charli Chair in use
Published: 20 March 2016

If your product is good, you should also have a good patent attorney says Hani Yassa, one of the people behind Charli Chair that featured on reality TV series Shark Tank.

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