Trade mark number: 
The Coconet Certified Palmsafe trade mark is an accreditation available for eligible applicants that have installed nets designed to entrap coconuts from trees, manufactured according to the guidelines of Straatmans Holdings.

To be eligible for the Coconet Certified Palmsafe trade mark an applicant must:

  • provide details of the property location and number of coconut palm trees planted thereon for each property owned or maintained by the applicant
  • have a Net (made by Straatmans Holdings) installed on each coconut palm tree on the property identified by the applicant which is not a juvenile tree or which is not a tree for which an application for status as an exempt tree has been made
  • each net must be of a sufficient standard to entrap all falling coconuts within the net
  • each net must also be highly wind resistant, weatherproof, resistant to damage by rodents, constructed of low density polyethylene or of a material of equivalent durability
  • all ancillary hardware items are to be constructed from stainless steel or of a material of equivalent durability
Certification rules: 
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