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The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation aims to enhance the quality of life of members of the public by encouraging informed, healthy and enjoyable food choices linked with an active lifestyle.

The purpose of the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation Trade Mark is to provide consumers with an easily recognised sign or symbol that reflects a particular food or beverage's Energy Density Level and Relative Glycemic Impact (RGI) - as defined by Glycemic Gluclose Equivalents (GGE) - and to provide serving size guidelines.

With supporting material, this will assist consumers to manage their daily energy and nutrient intake from the diverse range of foods and beverages that normally form the daily eating pattern.

In particular the Trade Mark will:

  • Ensure the food and beverage industries indicate food and beverage serving size recommendations consistent with The Foundation's guidelines, based on the New Zealand Minister of Health Food and Nutrition Guidelines, and the Australian National health and Medical Research Council's Dietary Guidelines for Australians.
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