Trade mark number: 
The primary aim of the Waler Horse Owners and Breeders Association Australia (the Association) is to preserve the Waler horse as defined by the Association.

The certification Trade Mark in effect guarantees that the "method of manufacture" and quality of the horse to which it is applied conforms with the criteria of The Association, and so differentiates such horses from others which may adopt the same breed name but apply different criteria.

To qualify for application of the Trade Mark, a horse must comply with the following conditions.

  • The horse must comply with the standards as documented in the Rules and Regulations Governing the Stud Book and Register of the Waler House Owners and Breeders Association Australia Inc... or any replacement document as authorised by the Certifier.
  • The horse to which the Trade Mark is applied must be registered with the Association as a Waler horse.

The application of a Trade Mark to qualifying horses is in order to visually indicate that those horses are recognised as Walers by the Association, have been judged to qualify for registration by virtue of their qualities and characteristics as described in the attached document.

Certification rules: 
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