Trade mark number: 
Lurpak Trade Mark are licensed in connection with the production and packaging of dairy products according to rules established by the Danish Dairy Board.

Lurpak Trade Marks follow the the below rules regarding production, packaging, sales and marketing of butter (conventional and organic) and flavoured butter:

Lurmarked butter shall be made exclusively from milk fat, milk protein and water as well as maybe salt and lactic acid culture.

Lurmarked butter shall have the following composition: Milk fat min. 80.0%, Fat-free dry matter max. 2.0%, Water max. 16.0%, Salt max. 1.2%

The term flavoured butter indicates butter with the exclusive addition of the following herbs and spice: parsley, garlic, læsø sydesalt

Lurmarked flavoured butter shall have a milk-fat content of min. 75.0%, butter with læsø sea salt however min. 80%

Spices, herbs or other flavourings used for lurmarked flavoured butter must not be genetically modified or irradiated

The dairy is under obligation to apply for a keep a written declaration from the supplier of the herbs and spices in question confirming that the requirements are observed. The dairy is at any time under an obligation to present the declaration to the Danish Dairy Board if requested to do so.

Danish Dairy Board may revoke the permission to use the Lur trademarks if the dairy does not present the declaration.

Certification rules: 
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