Trade mark number: 
Near Field Communication trade mark was established to allow consumers to easily identify where their NFC-enabled devices can be used. The N-Mark lets consumers know that NFC services are available on mobile device screens and on posters, signs, badges, labels, etc. It indicates where to touch to enable NFC services. Parts 1 through to 5.

The N-Mark is available free for use in software and on tags and media after completing the N-Mark license. The N-Mark on a device indicates that the device has passed NFC Forum certification testing. Once a product is certified, it can display the N-Mark as the touch point for NFC interactions on the device.

The NFC Forum Certification Program provides consistency in the behaviour of NFC devices by confirming that products conform to the NFC Forum specifications. It offers increased assurance that NFC-Forum-certified products will be interoperable with other NFC-Forum-certified devices.

Certification rules: 
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